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transgressing the boundaries of everyday-life:
considering radio as an apparatus of distribution
saturday november 18, 2006
okno, brussels
The theory of radio starts with the hope to use this modern medium as a tool to overcome capitalist society. Most readings of Bertolt Brechts remarks on radio reduce this aim to a technical problem: radio as an apparatus of distribution just has to be changed into an apparatus of communication. Since then, the 'mechanical reproduction of the radio voice' (Adorno) is repressed as the decisive specificity of the medium for an emancipatory change.

Nowadays radio seems to be an old-fashioned modern medium and the hope Brecht had is now projected - again often enough merely in a technical sense - on the internet, open source and so on. LIGNA proposes with its work a different perspective: We have to get rid of the technical reading of Brecht and recognise that his critique was meant in a social and political way. Only as an apparatus of distribution, radio could organise it's listeners and thus intervene in everyday-life situations - and thus could provide means to overcome a society that is based on the exchange of commodities.

The lecture will discuss this thesis and it's aesthetical implications with a lot of examples and images of LIGNA's work.




ligna [de]  

okno, brussels

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