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Steina and Woody Vasulka     print
saturday november 11, 2006 7.30pm
Experimental space Roxy/NoD, Dlouhá 33, Praha
Steina and Woody (The Vasulkas) are among the principal actors of international avant-garde art. Steina, originally from Island, was trained as violinist. Woody (Bohuslav) Vašulka, born in Brno, Moravia, studied documentary film at Prague Film School (FAMU). Together they left Czechoslovakia in 1965 and later settled in New York where they joined local art community and co-founded renowned avant-garde art centre The Kitchen. They worked in the Media Centre at the State University of New York in Buffalo (1973-9). Since 1980 they have been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lately they have also been cooperating with media centre ZKM in Karlsruhe. During the last 50 years they have influenced not only emerging new media scene, experimental film and video art and electronic music spheres, but also concepts of international art communities.
Their longtime research into the properties of electronic image and machine character is particularly polymorphic: reaching from early documentaries recordings of New York art scene and first video experiments, inquiries into image-sound interface possibilities, to their joint as well as individual activities in the areas of interactive installations and robotics. Steina is for instance the author of “machine vision” installations, where the human eye is replaced by mutually observing, moving cameras, as well as of violin performances during which she controls image cycles playing her digital violin.
Woody created videotapes experimenting with new narrative forms involving electronic medium practices (The Commission, Art of Memory) and complex series of robotic installations called The Brotherhood, the objective of which is interconnection of human and machine aspects and intersection of virtual and actual space. Further information at: www.vasulka.org.
Rendezvous with Steina and Woody Vasulkas will take place on the occasion of the publication of a special issue of Iluminace journal (2/2006) with DVD supplement called “Virtual Mushrooming” (published by National Film Archives) presenting Vasulka’s video works for the first time in Czech context.

Program: Guy Van Belle: 4 miniature homages to The Vasulkas

1. the digital image 2. the digital sound, 3. the technological artefakt, 4. a life and a point of view
Belgian artist Guy Van Belle is renowned author of experimental and media sound installations, also dealing with robotics and physical sound modeling. Since 2000 he has been working under the name of digital collective group mxHz.org, creating collaborative performances, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and experimental art projects. www.mxhz.org

Filip Cenek: homage to The Vasulkas Filip Cenek is Czech video artist and author of technical realization and design of presented DVD “Virtual Mushrooming”.

Projection from The Vasulkas archive: selection from unique documentaries about The Vasulkas provides an insight into Steina and Woody’s “practical philosophy” as well as their living spaces.

Discussion and refreshments

The projection of “The Jackie Curtis‘ First Television Special” (1970) will be presented in NoD space-this early documentary work by Steina and Woody collects various recordings of Jackie Curtis, legendary performer, drag queen and Warholian actor.

Interactive installation/performance Virtual Mushrooming contains an alchemic process of cooking mushrooms from the DVD. Participants: Lemurie, Insectual & Co.

Produced by: National Film Archives in Prague, FAMU, CIANT, Experimental space Roxy/NoD.

You can watch this program on the web through real-time video streaming at www.lemurie.cz




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